BJP is not a political party in Assam – Priyanka Gandhi

BJP is not a political party in Assam … (it) is functioning like a mafia organisation running syndicates of ‘supari,’ fish, coal, land. In the prime minister’s election rallies you must have noticed he sometimes takes the name of one in some meetings or the name of the other at other times. Their remote controls are in Delhi. BJP has not been able to decide who will be the chief minister. They are not able to respect their own chief minister and spell out the name. If there is no stability and unity in the party, then how will it give a stable government to people? Which chief ministers did he refer to… was it late Tarun Gogoi who worked tirelessly for the development of the state, gave employment to youth, introduced 30 per cent reservation for women in jobs and 50 per cent seats in panchayats, improved road connectivity, economic progress, protected Assam’s culture and heritage? As soon as the BJP returned to power at the Centre they made the Citizenship (Amendment) Act into a law. Police were unleashed on the anti-CAA protestors and five youths lost their lives.