Election campaign is nothing but fight for the people – Pinarayi Vijayan

The left front is getting massive support from the people since the inception of the poll campaign. The survey results are based on mere individual opinions but it has also revealed certain facts also. Those who oppose us, have also agreed to those facts. Do not show lapses after being lured by the conducive survey results. The election campaign is nothing but fight for the people. Some prominent Congress leaders are trying to reach the assembly with the help of the BJP. They are also trading votes. More details about it will come out in the subsequent days. Sabarimala is not an issue before the government. The revised affidavit of the government will be given once the case is taken up by the court. Those who have lost their sleep after witnessing the mounting support for the government are now engaged in unleashing a series of campaigns based on lies and deceits. The allegation of the opposition leader that the government is manufacturing news after giving money, might be base on his imagination and own personal experience.